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Site Construction

What we provide

From simple leveling of the site, to the complete construction of your project- Studer Construction and it’s team of professionals can complete any project you may have. Whether it’s the leveling the ground and doing gravel work, or putting in storm drain or boulder pits, our company has the experience to get the job completed. Studer Construction has been servicing Billings, Yellowstone County and South Central Montana for over 26 years.


We can prepare your surface for paving or concrete work through a process of cleaning, leveling, and binding. Leveling is needed in many cases to eliminate holes and other surface imperfections.

Gravel Work

Gravel roads have a clear cost advantage over other materials. Construction costs are significantly lower, and maintenance may also cost less. Maintenance is also generally easier without as much specialized equipment being required. Pothole repair is easier as well. For areas with safety concerns, gravel surfaces will also generate lower speeds than paved roads.

Storm Drains and Boulder Pits

Proper mitigation of storm water is critical for preventing erosion of surrounding land and damage to existing roads and structures. Studer Construction can help you determine where storm drains are required, and how to best place them.

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